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Stories about helpful people

with the teams at Zendesk and One Darnley Road

Stories about helpful people is a web site that serves as a home for documentary films and articles.

Our engineering lead, John, and I teamed up to create a user interface for the site, integrate it with a CMS, and set it up with scalable hosting. We used gestures and other user interactions to control animations & transitions throughout the site.

The project was completed in a short time frame, going from prototype to launch in weeks.

One of the short film documentaries has been featured by Vimeo’s staff picks. You can read more about the project on the Zendesk web site.

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Stories about helpful people
Stories about helpful people
All Around Forestry
Eric and the Bees
Eric and the Bees
And another story of helpfulness




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with the teams at Rolling Stone and Penske Media, sponsored by Apple Music