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10 Days of Lending

with the teams at PayPal, Kiva and GOOD Worldwide

PayPal has been supporting Kiva by providing free transactions on their network for the past ten years. They decided to celebrate the anniversary of their partnership with 10 Days of Lending, encouraging PayPal employees to make charitable loans on Kiva.

During the project I worked closely with our designer, Josh to create a responsive microsite with CSS animations, to give PayPal employees all of the details about the partnership, and to help them get started on Kiva.

I also worked closely with Rachel from Kiva to jump through some JavaScript and CSS hoops while getting the production code into Kiva’s content management system.

The result was featured on the PayPal home page.

You can read more about the project on GOOD’s web site.

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10 Days of Lending, Kiva and PayPal
10 Days of Lending, Kiva and PayPal
10 Days of Lending, Kiva and PayPal




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GOOD Worldwide

with the teams at Type/Code and GOOD Worldwide