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JJ Burns & Company

with the team at Fahrenheit Studio

JJ Burns provides financial services to a broad range of clients, from endowments to professional athletes. Their aging, desktop-oriented web site needed a redesign.

I worked alongside Dylan, our designer, to create responsive prototypes that expressed a new content structure and visual look for the web site. Along the way, I created a pattern library, and I found out that Robert is an excellent cook.

My role also involved writing production-quality HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the user interface, testing for accessibility and browser/device compatibility, fine-tuning the code for better performance, and integrating the HTML with server-side templates. (We used ExpressionEngine.)

You can read more about the project at GOOD’s web site.

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JJ Burns & Company
Service page
Team member page
Pattern Library
Layout Prototype



Dylan Tran

Content Strategy

Melinda Smith

Marketing Strategy

Robert Weitz

CMS Integration

Ben Parizek

Robert serving dinner to the production team
Robert serving dinner to the production team

Tools we used

User Interface

Server-Side Templates & CMS



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with the team at Fahrenheit Studio