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GOOD Community

with the team at GOOD Worldwide

The GOOD Community web site, along with GOOD Magazine, celebrates individuals and organizations who are working for postive change in the world. The beautiful desktop-oriented site needed a responsive redesign.

During the project, I worked closely with our designer, Aldo, to create web prototypes which demonstrated how the new site would look at different screen sizes. We continually improved these while testing with users.

Using the prototypes as a guide, we updated each unique template on the web site one-by-one, starting with the most popular pages and working toward the less noticeable ones, until the upgrade was complete.

In the process, I made a pattern library so anyone on the team could see the latest designs and find HTML to copy for new features.

My role also involved facilitating design discussions, getting sign-off from decision-makers, writing production-quality HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the user interface, testing for accessibility and browser/device compatibility, and fine-tuning the code for better performance.

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Aldo Puicon

Engineering (Web)

Engineering (Testing)

Esha Shah


Systems Architecture

The community team fully embraced the GOOD brand during the project
The community team fully embraced the GOOD brand during the project

Tools we used

User Interface

Web Server


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