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Food Oasis Los Angeles

with the volunteers at Code for America

Food Oasis is a map of healthy food sources in Los Angeles. Our team of volunteers built it to make finding healthy, affordable food easier.

We worked on the project as part of Hack for LA, a local chapter of Code for America, an organization that’s using modern tools and processes like iterative development to improve government services.

Within a few weeks of starting the project, we published a working map of healthy food locations. The team steadily improved it over the next year, updating the design, and adding new features—like searching by location and filtering by open hours.

I was involved by writing code for the user interface, maintaining the static web site, and providing support for our weekly volunteers—writing issues for beginners, documenting the code, making improvements to the development environment, pair programming, responding to questions, and reviewing pull requests.

My role also involved importing and managing data with Node.js, setting up hosting and content management with Jekyll and GitHub Pages, and configuring domains, redirects, and caching with Cloudflare.

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Food Oasis Los Angeles
Map of healthy food locations
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Project Management

The Food Oasis team at La Kretz Innovation Campus
The Food Oasis team at La Kretz Innovation Campus

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