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with the team at GOOD Worldwide

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CTZN is a social app that encourages volunteers to share stories with each other. We built it to help non-profit organizations grow and get the support they need, by becoming more visible to the public.

During the project I worked closely with our designer, Aldo, to express feature ideas as web prototypes. From these we created a web application, a stories page, and a promotional web site. We continually reworked these as new features and ideas came about. In the process, I made a pattern library so the team could easily find the latest designs and HTML to copy for new features.

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Behind the scenes

CTZN promotional web site
Storytelling tools for changemakers
Made for and by communities
Stories, Milk + Bookies




Aldo Puicon

Engineering (Android)

Chan Nguyen

Engineering (iOS)

Jolie Risken

Engineering (Web)

Engineering (Testing)

Esha Shah


Craig Ogg

Systems Architecture

The CTZN team sporting their official t-shirts
The CTZN team sporting their official t-shirts

Tools we used

User Interface

Web Server


Web Hosting

Amazon Web Services

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with the team at GOOD Worldwide